Here are the winners of the raffle held at the Auction/Sale – The Old Low Light Heritage Centre on 24/25 March 2017


1st Prize   Anita Nicholson Framed Print *   466  Anne Otter – PRIZE NOT YET CLAIMED
2nd Prize Picture                                              496 N Holland
3rd Prize “Shiels to Shields” Book                 776  Smith
4th Prize Stan Laurel Book                             881  N Smith
5th Prize Designer bag                                    861  M Smith
6th Prize Picture                                               536 J Marti
7th Prize North Shields                                   406 Micky
8th Prize Plate                                                   726 Flood
9th Prize Ted Baker                                          701 C Money
10th Prize The Last Voyage                            646 James
11th Prize Picture                                             421 Ann Young
12th Prize Biscuits                                            911 G Blamire

* Anita Nicholson framed print